My mum likes to tell a story of me as a toddler in nappies regularly getting up at 3am to loudly listen to records. The only thing that's really changed since then are the volume and the nappies. I guess they may return through necessity toward the other end of my life.

I was fascinated mostly by music, and had a lot of time to explore it growing up in a small farming and forestry town in Waikato, New Zealand. I started playing the cornet and trumpet in 1980 and was playing in brass, concert bands and orchestras not long after that.

A couple of years later our family got a ZX Spectrum 16K computer which I immediately started using to recreate mediocre versions of my favourite songs. It was quickly followed by a Commodore64, which began a new world of discovery.

Since then I've made it my mission to immerse myself in as much music, audio and film related stuff as possible. Computers have become a fairly vital tool in that process. The rate of change from recording onto half-inch 8 track tape to now has been incredible, and keeping up in these bleeding-edge industries has meant I'm constantly re-evaluating and learning.

I'm now juggling half a dozen simultaneous careers in the various areas of the entertainment industry I find exciting (most of which I've accidentally stumbled into along the journey of life and work) as well as raising two amazing teenage daughters with my lovely partner.

I love it all - the variety of work, the tech geekery, the multitude of people I meet, the fascinating stories and the stunning places.

If you'd like to find out more about some of the film stuff I've done, click here for my IMDB credits.

If you're more interested in the music side of things you may want to swing past the website of Eb and Sparrow - the band I work most with at the moment. There's also a link to some of my own wacky creations in the Music tab above.

More of a traditional CV-type person? I haven't really had one of those for years - but I guess my public LinkedIn profile is as close you'll get,



Photo: Julian Butler